An honest look at Joy, Suffering and the beautiful letter to Philippi.

chainsFor those who follow this blog, you’ll know that I often share my sermon manuscript from the prior week. While they tend to be grammatically crude (I write specifically for how I’ll talk, rather than focusing on proper grammar), I do hope that, beyond the errors and rough composition, these messages mean something to you. After all, they are in many ways, my own spiritual struggle put into words. I am a canvass which displays the working of the Spirit. In other words, these sermons are very often, biographical.

Why Philippians?

I’m still young, and in my role as preaching pastor at Living Vine, I’m still figuring out how to guide a congregation through 52 weeks of sermons. There is a beautiful and spiritual dance that takes place between the Word of God and his people. One of the ways I have been doing my best to remain faithful to where God wants to take Living Vine is by planning out all sermons over the course of the coming year instead of just jumping from series to series.

Practically, I have probably only kept half of the sermons as planned, and due to various reasons, I have changed, altered or completely done away with the other half (so much for efficiency!).

Rarely, though, in my time as preaching pastor has a sermon series been so timely and necessary as our approaching Philippians. This study of Philippians is exactly what I and those I serve, need to hear in this season of life. Honestly, as I look around and as I look within myself, I am fully confident that this is the word, and this is the message I and this church needs to hear. And so, I invite each of you on this journey with us.

Together, may we learn what it means to find joy in the midst of suffering.

Note: I am actually a week behind. To catch up, I’ll be posting two weeks worth of sermons this week (broken down into multiple posts).


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