An Off The Shelf Blogger

Exiting news is afoot!

Recently, I was approached about becoming an “Off The Shelf Blogger” for Beacon Hill Press based out of Kansas City, Missouri. Beacon Hill is the publishing arm of the Nazarene church, the same Nazarene Church I am ordained under and currently minister within.

Who are the Nazarenes? We are a simple, and relatively (In relation to the Powerhouse Catholic Church or Southern Baptist/Presbyterian denominations) small group of people dedicated to bringing the optimism of grace to all. We align theologically very closely with the Salvation Army or the Methodists, but, in the end, we are all part of the same team; no matter what your theological bent (With a few exceptions…e.g. Churches like Westboro Baptist are a group we obviously refuse to associate with).

A bit more about “Off the Shelf.”

Off The Shelf-V3

Being part of the “Off The Shelf” team will provide an opportunity for myself and Beacon Hill to team up together in effort to help promote new works that will come out over the next few years. Beacon will send me (along with several other bloggers) a specific book, and I (we) will take a few days to read and reflect over it, and will then write a review of that book.

What does being part of “Off The Shelf” mean this means for this blog?
This will open up this space for new conversations and for new stories to be told. Occasionally, the writers of the chose books will stop by to contribute a guest post, or they might participate in an interview. Either way this is a chance for this blog to host writers of various genders, backgrounds and experiences, and that is reason enough to move forward.

We will continue to have our previous conversations on life, faith and pop-culture. This will just be another piece added to the mix, and should create a more vibrant picture for all of us.

Whats up for round one?

I will hit the ground running, and so will be kicking things off by taking a look at If Only: Letting Go of Regret, by Michelle Van Loon. Michelle is a contributor at and the Her-meneutics blog, and has written two books on parables.

if only

She will be stopping by our blog on June 24th. Be sure to stop by to say hello! You can look for a review of her book before then.

Want more info?
Check out Beacon Hill Press here.
Purchase If only here.




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