Better Together: Starting With Me, Pt 3

Better Together


Narrative Arc:

So often we perceive conflict as an extremely negative thing in our lives, and if not dealt with, or it over takes our life, it can be a very destructive force against us.

However, that doesn’t always need to be the case.

Think about it this way. Take a moment and think about all the stories that you grew up reading. If you do, you will quickly fin that everything that makes these stories great is found within the conflict in them. This is a universal truth: whether it was children’s lit, young adult lit, or adult lit….conflict creates fantastic stories.

For instance:

Where the wild things are.

The Hunger Games

Star Wars

Green Eggs and Ham

These stories exist, because of the growth that we witness as a direct result of the conflict within the story. The stronger the conflict, the better the arc, and the greater the growth within the story.

It’s important that we, as people, embrace the conflict within our lives. We must not run from it, and we must not deflect it. This is incredibly difficult, but is made possible when we make Christ our center, and when we know where our security rests.

So as we move on this week, and as we move into further discussions about what conflict means for us as people, and how to deal with it, I have two wishes for each of you.

May conflict push you towards Christ.

When you find yourself hurt, angry, or frustrated, let that bring you to a place of self-examination. Let it bring you to a place where you’re able to evaluate why the conflict matters. Are you trying to hold on to power? Are you trying to control another? Are you placing importance or value on something that doesn’t matter or that will ultimately consume you?

If so, let it go. Give it to God. Don’t try to control the situation, and don’t try to control the individual. First, instead, start with yourself. Am I relying on someone to fulfill a part of myself. When we do this, we’ll never be fulfilled and never be happy.

So in these moments of conflict, may we re-establish our trust and reliance on God. May he, again, become the anchor of our lives.

May conflict encourage you to take another step

May it be something that encourages you to challenge a long-held belief.

Maybe it be something that encourages you to forgive. Or let go.

May it be something you embrace.

And may it be something that draws you into Christ, and helps you take another step in your dependence on him.

May we not be, like the church in Corinth, a group of people divided over a non-essential. May we not hold to our ideologies, instead, may we be a group that unites around the cause of Christ.


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