Generosity: Money, part 3


We are called to be generous people

God is always leading us, calling us, wooing us. He wants every part of our lives, and this is the reason God asks us to surrender our finances.

He doesn’t want a divided heart. He doesn’t want us to serve two masters.

When we serve money, when we care most about money, when we spend our time thinking only of money, we surrender our lives to the king of money.

And God knows, in his infinite wisdom, that the only way to be released from the grip or bondage of money is to give it away.

Now, this can be absolutely terrifying to some out there. When you look at your budgets, when you look at your bottom line, you quite possibly see red numbers instead of black. You see so many needs and not enough to cover those needs.

So, to think that you are going to be able to be generous financially will be a massive step of trust.

I experienced God’s provisions

Earlier on in my adult life- through college- I really wrestled with tithing.  I didn’t make much, and so the idea of giving was scary, and honestly not very enticing to me. I would always say I wanted to tithe, but I really struggled with the trust aspect of tithe.  I had the head knowledge that God would provide, but when push came to shove, I wasn’t able to commit to living a life of financial generosity.

Eventually, though, God worked on me, and led me to be able to surrender my finances and live a life where I was able to give back to God. A life where I was able to cut the tithe check first.

And do you know what happened?

I witnessed how God, over and over, provided for my financial needs. It’s unbelievable how God makes the ends meet when we are faithful and live in surrender.

My challenge to you

So this is where I want to start with my challenge for you this week.

If there is one thing I believe to the bottom of my heart, it’s that God will provide for his church. I believe that Living Vine is doing its best to be the Kingdom people he called us to be. I believe we are walking in obedience with God, and that we can trust that he is going to provide for us.

So I want you to seriously consider how you might begin to live out a life of generosity.

Two quick points

Percent doesn’t matter

If you aren’t currently living out financial generosity, or monthly tithing, I want to take the step to just give an amount. If you’re intimidated by the 10%, that’s fine…give 5 instead. I honestly believe God will meet you exactly where you are.

The most important part is to live out that generosity. That you begin to trust God more than you trust the dollar bill.

Give anywhere

The fact that I’m going to say this will seem funny to many of you. But I want to encourage you to find something you believe in, and give your finances to that.

Obviously, I would love to see your belief in our church through your giving. We are working hard to find ways to become a church that will impact Napa for the Kingdom. We are working hard to find the broken parts of society and to begin to mend them, and to become a church that is racially diverse.

But if you’re still unsure about us, but if you are feeling like you want to take the next step of living out financial surrender, I want to encourage you to find another way to give.

There are some incredible ways to be generous…there are organizations doing beautiful things in very broken parts of our world. Through financing micro loans, adopting a child, supporting projects for clean water, or funding the fight against human trafficking, there are ways for you to live for something bigger than you.

Find that thing.

What is most important, however, is that we live out a generous life.


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