A Christmas Hope

To each of you,

As you open gifts, each food, laugh with family and friends. Or as you sit alone, dreaming of moments not to be; craving companionship and love. May you know that you are loved. That you are valued, and that you do belong. May you know that Christmas is for you. Wherever your head lays, and your foot lands, may you know that you have a Savior who loves you and is with you in this moment.

May you know that today we all belong. And while today doesn’t mean all has made right. And while today some are all still hurting, struggling, and lost…today is a the beginning of hope- though, for many, just a flicker…faint and dim.


But that flickering flame will one day overtake the darkness and will make all things right.

Today we celebrate that hope. And we anticipate the coming of a Kingdom that has brought about Justice, peace and genuine-rightness. We plead for it…

May you find peace, love and contentment this Christmas day.

With love,



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