Lives, Not Votes, Change The World

A while back, the Jackson Free Press interviewed Joan Chittister, a Sister in the Catholic church. The interviewer’s question: “So, as a woman of faith, as a monastic, how do you see your role and the role of other people of faith in the world?

Sister Joan’s answer:

It’s a simple one: To see injustice and say so, to find the truth and proclaim it, to allow no stone to be unturned when it is a stone that will be cast at anyone else. It’s just that simple. There is nothing institutional, organizational, political about it. It says: “Where I am, you may not harm these people. You may not deride them; you may not reject them; you may not sneer at them, and you certainly cannot blame them for their own existence.

During a time of politics, calculated spin, and saying anything to win a vote, always remember that true help can never come from a politician. True help will never come from Republicans and will never come from Democrats. If we truly want things to change, we need to stop waiting for a vote to change the world and become the change we hope to see.


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