Yearning for a Life of Color

There’s that moment in everyone’s life when they realize the future they had envisioned is not the reality they now live in. They thought they saw mountains on their horizon, but found themselves in the middle of a valley. They saw a future in flashes of color, but they now live in black and white colored by a hundred different shades of grey.

A life filled with certainty rarely fulfills its promise.

When I thought my future would look like:

But ended up looking more like this:

What, then, should I do?

These days, it feels like God is leading me through picture two, instead of allowing me to rest in picture number one. So, I am struggling to learn to surrender. Struggling to ensure I don’t make everything in life about me, and working to find my purpose in more than my actions or accomplishments. With that as my struggle, what am I doing?

I am daily trying to pray and live out this prayer:

If you find yourself wandering in the desert, and are unable to find your way out, may you know you have a Father who loves you, and is walking beside you.

May you know that you can trust him.

May you know what you can change.

May you know what you cannot,

And may you be granted wisdom to know the difference.


4 thoughts on “Yearning for a Life of Color

  1. As long as the expectations come with a mindset of patience, then the real or unreal obstacles no matter where they occur can be mastered and not become your wall of solid, unmovable, unbending, streams of discouragement. Patience, Prayer, Postive- will deafeat many an enemy.

  2. I was pleased to stumble across your work today. Interestingly my own current writing project here at WordPress involves black and white, but with a bit of a brown tint. Your writing makes me wonder about my choice to select a limited palette. What does this say about me? About how I view my future? Thanks for this post that challenges me to do some self-examination!

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