A New Normal

I’ve been wrestling with life lately.

The past couple years I really made it a priority to write and to read on a regular basis. I made it my quest to read 30 books a year, and write regularly on this blog. If you’ve been a follower of this blog, you know that I am failing miserably at fulfilling those goals in 2012. I started off well, kicked off the year with a very successful, collectively written blog series on life abroad and this blog hit some record numbers for the next month or two. Somewhere around May, though, the wheels came off my life, and I’ve been searching for normalcy and meaning ever since.

I’m a creature of habit. In college, on the first day of class, the seat I chose would become my home for the rest of the semester. I order the same things at restaurants, and my morning routine never strays (wake up, make coffee, take a shower, drink the coffee, and do my devotions before I leave for work). E and I had worked extremely hard to find a new routine in our new life in America. It was a struggle at first, we were always traveling and I was stressed about finding work. But God provided, and we found our new “normal.” I was hired on to do a job I enjoyed, we were part of a church that was genuine and loving, and I was brought on staff at that church to lead people into some new and exciting territory. That was before…

The pastor resigned two weeks ago (though, we knew of his inevitable leaving a few weeks before the resignation became public), and with that resignation, our new normal had been destroyed.

I’ve been reeling ever since.

I am lacking a desire to write, and I can’t really commit to any one book. (I am currently reading 4 in hopes that one will grab me….) The one place I have found strength in, though, has been my wife and baby girl. They have been a strength for me in ways I could never begin to describe. E and E2 have been a constant for me, a strength that I never could have imagined. I don’t know what I would have done without them walking through life with me.

I know this isn’t an easy post to read, and I’m not looking for sympathy. My life is easy compared to so many who are struggling financially, and physically. I am blessed, and I feel this every day. I am, however, just wanting you to know that I am still around, and that I haven’t given up on this blog.

We are figuring out life, again, now and I hope you will be around to share in that journey with us. I promise I’ll find a new normal someday, and that normal will be one that brings life again.


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