Lessons From My Little Girl: 5 Things I Desire For My Daughter

It’s been a while since I wrote about Ella. I’m feeling particularly sappy tonight…so bear with me.

My baby girl is growing, and she captivates me… every. single. day.

Her smiles, her cadence when she says “da…da…” or “meh….meh..” I love the way she can study a toy for an eternity, turning it slowly, over and over, in her hand, doing her best to find that sacred tag…don’t even get me started on her laugh, or the way she giggles when you kiss her knee caps.

Oh, and her eyes!

If you haven’t figured it out yet. This little girl owns me.

I never thought I’d end up like this. A father to a beautiful wife…and father to an incredible daughter. I am a blessed man, indeed.

Some days, during her naps, I find myself studying her face, and the sound of her breathing. I’m grasping at time, hoping to not let it slip by.

I find my heart drawn to my hopes and dreams for her life. I pray for her, and imagine what kind of woman my little girl will one day sprout into. While I sit with her, I find that I have all these hopes for her that are bottled up inside me. They aren’t for her to one day become a doctor, or figure out a way to fit a square block in a triangle hole. My only desire is to rear a daughter in a way that will allow her to become the truest version of herself possible.

I want Ella to be Ella. That’s it.

I know that’s broad, and while that’s my over-arching desire for her, I can say that there are many things I hope for her. Being the sappy nostalgic that I am, I thought I’d share a couple of them with you. (It’s not  an exhaustive list…but definitely 5 of the “biggies”)

Okay. No more explaining…here you are: 5 things I desire for my daughter.

(I’m doing my best to steer clear of broad statements like: “I hope she’s loved” or “I hope she’s happy.” After all…what parent, good or bad, doesn’t desire those things for their kids? Even if they’re bad at helping them achieve those realities, the vast majority of parents will hope for those truths to be evident in their child’s life)

1. I desire that she knows, deeply and completely, that there is a God who loves her no matter what. That there isn’t a thing in this world that could make her anything less than immaculate. I hope she knows that she is the daughter of a King.

2. I desire that, like #1, she has two parents that will walk with her through the peaks and the hells of life. I want her to understand that our love is unconditional, and cannot be earned or merited. She always has us by her side, and will always be here for her. She can count on few things in this world, but I hope she always knows she can count on us.

3. I desire for her to know that she is deeply desirable. Not a desire based upon lust or selfishness…but a person worthy of sacrifice and pursuit. A person worthy of effort, and who’s love is worth sacrifice.

4. I desire for her to treat others well. That she is willing to stand up for those who have no-one else to stand up for them. I hope she makes the hard decisions, and thinks for herself. I want her to realize that her integrity is something to be cherished and that every person is worthy of dignity and fairness.

5.  I desire for her to have courage. Courage to love, courage to try, courage to fail, and to do so miserably…and most importantly, I desire for her to have the courage to get back up, and keep moving.

Mostly, I desire to be able to walk through life with her. After all, being her daddy is the greatest thing I could ever desire.


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