And Then There Was Wednesday…

I appreciate everyone sitting through my previous post. I also want to thank you for all the support and kind words that were offered after said post. I’m sure you could tell (subtlety was not priority number one as I wrote that post) that I was in a difficult place when I sat to write. “Funk” might be the right word…

Well, a cool thing happened yesterday (or the day after that post): I got a job! I’ll be working for a bank as a customer service rep. Pretty cool. It’s the type of job I’ve been looking for, and will offer great pay and benefits. It’s an unbelievable blessing.

Reflecting back on the past couple months…I’m realizing there’s a few things I need to learn:

First: Nothing makes me special. After I received a job offer, I immediately thought about all those still out of work. It would be easy for me to think how much God loves me and how he brought me this job (which I know he loves me, and believe he brought me this job)…but I immediately think about all those who still are hunting the “want ads” for any possibly job lead. Many/most of whom also have families and every responsibility that I have…but because I have work and they don’t, does that mean God loves them less? Absolutely not. If you’re reading this post, I just want to offer hope at the end of the tunnel. And want  you to know that my thoughts will be on you often as I begin this new part of life. While I don’t understand why I have a job and you don’t…I do know this: God is good. He loves you. He will care for you.

Second: God really does care for us. The road to this point has been filled with moments of grace. God provided, in a pinch, a doctor who would do some pro-bono work for us while we searched for insurance (because of him, we saved thousands on the round of inoculations needed for E2.) We were so impressed by that doctor that we decided to go back. We then found out that the insurance we ended up getting listed this doctor in their network which means they covered all visits to him 100%. Amazing.

Third: I can trust Him. I know I say that…and right now really feel that (living in the after-glow of a job offer), but in the moments of despair, I need to remember where God has taken us from, and where He’s leading us. God loves us, and cares for us….but in the moments when I’m stressed about feeding my wife and child, I need to remember that God loves Elizabeth and Ella more than I could ever dream. That’s a love worth banking on.



thank you. Thank you for not giving up on me.

Thank you staying constant and for your care.

You are truly good, and you are truly worthy of more than I can offer.

I love you. And thank you.


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