On Seeking, Trusting, and Hoping

I usually try to keep my posts up-beat and light. Life, though, has been difficult, and I’m finding myself in a place of vulnerability and deep fear. I thought I’d take a moment and reflect on life, faith, and where I’m finding myself these days.


It’s all hitting the fan these days.

Back when I had a paycheck that monthly found its way into my bank account, and when I had a great job, with great co-workers, it was easy to dream of all the ways God wanted to use my wife and I. We thought about how fantastic it would be to go do ministry together, hand-in-hand. Worry was on vacation in Cayman Islands on someone Else’s dime.

These days, though, I’m dang scared about the uncertainty of life. I fear being struck by lightning (sarcasm!) at the very mention of this… after all, our journey has regularly been injected with “God-moments.” But what do I do? (A question asked by 8.3 percent of Americans)

I mean, this is a big one. I have a daughter and a wife to feed.

We have bills that (unlike a paycheck) find my bank account each month.

Yes, this is where the proverbial rubber meets the road. E and I made a leap of faith back in December, and we acted on a believed that we were being called to participate in the redemption of a city. I truly, still believe we are.

The leap was easy, and mostly fun.

Continuing to trust is something all together more difficult.

But, I’m learning a whole new level of trust with God. I am learning to believe in his calling.

I’m learning to trust in his navigation skills.

I’m always trying to remember that, while my mind can so easily become self-absorbed on what’s not present in my life, if I linger in this place, I will miss what God is doing all around me.

So, as I reflect on my reality, the reality billions of others, and your work in the world, I want to offer a simple prayer.

Father, please care for the broken, the jobless, and the stressed.

Keep the frightened and the lonely, close to your chest.

May your peace be ever-present when all feels most ill-fated,

and help me to live in the reality of as son you’ve created.



7 thoughts on “On Seeking, Trusting, and Hoping

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  2. Thanks for your honesty brother. I’m reading this post after I read your most recent one, so I’m going back in time and seeing that God is good! P.S. Big improvement on the visual lay out of your updated blog theme. Looks good!

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