Monday Morning Music: An “Oops” Double Feature

Happy Monday!

I had a realization as I prepared for this M3…I didn’t do one last week. My bad! (Not sure if anyone even noticed…but I’ll pretend they did.)

For an apology, I’ll offer a double feature for this weeks Monday Morning Music.

Looking forward to summer? The album, “Come Around Sundown” is the quintessential summer album. I look forward to nights on the back deck with a fire going and a few good friends to share the experience with as KoL’s southern rock riffs fill the air. This song, Mary, is my favorite from the album (at least thus far…).

I promised this year would involve more hard stuff, and so, for all your rockers out there… I present Ax7 and their brilliant song, I won’t see you tonight. (Note: Couldnt find one without their trademark skull…dont let that dissuade you. It’s a killer song…get it? Killer song? I crack myself up)


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