When We Find Our Way Home

Life is filled with moments that will challenge, and stretch us. If we are willing, and if we are dedicated to learning during these difficult moments, we will find that we will be lead by God to go to places that will captivate and frighten us.

We will be lead into the heart of the international, inter-generational, inter-racial, inter-gender, interloping Kingdom of God.

It is during our ownership of these fantastically-terrifying moments that we find that we are lead home- though it’s to no home we’ve ever experience before.

These moments will lead us to the home of a God we were meant to live in communion with, but we have been absent from (though, by no fault of His).

When we come to that place, where we can hardly take another step, we will be met by a God, a Father, who is running to meet us half way.

It is true that He is our God, but in those difficult moments, when we are at our lowest point- He is our Daddy (Abba), and we are home.



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