Processing A Day Spent Learning About Discipleship and the Kingdom

I’m currently attending a conference for a ministry group in whose systems and ideas my church participates. It’s my first rodeo at a 3DM conference, so as a result, I’m processing a great deal of information. While I work through these thoughts, I thought I’d share some of these things with you.


On Discipleship:

“‘Discipleship’ is the cause, ‘The Church’ is the effect.”

A common church fallacy: “We need a long time spent in training before we should be allowed to act out the mission of God.”

On The Mission of God:

“Every Passage of Scripture is about either relationship with God, or our responsibility to his Kingdom.”

Church leaders aim for substance with their message. People desire relevance from the word of God. The church needs to learn to balance the two.

On the Bible:

The Bible is about Covenant (Relationship) and the Kingdom (Responsibility)

Our relationship will be with God and with others. We are to live in the power of the imprint of God on our lives.

Out of that imprint, we can be confident that we are called to be God’s royal representatives on Earth. Our going is at the heart of how God want’s to reveal the Kingdom to the world.

On God:

Truth 1:

God is my father.

It is through him that I receive my identity; I am his son (or daughter). Period.

It is through my identity in Christ that obey him. My obedience comes, not by coercion, rather through submission to his will and calling.

Truth 2:

My Father (Daddy) is King.

He completes what He starts. We have His authority to go into the world and share in the redemption of the world.

Knowing we are secure in our identity and have been given all authority, we are free to go and do, and do so confidently that we will receive power to complete the task we’ve been called to.


Blessings and peace to all of you this evening!



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