My New Years Resolution Post….in February

Photo Credit: Tom Grill

I’ve been thinking about my New Years Resolution…yes, thinking, not doing. Don’t judge me.

I have been thinking about all the times I made those resolutions, or promises, to myself. I promised this, or I promised that. I said I’d never do this, or I would absolutely do that. I would eat better, run farther (or just start running at all), read more, or surf the internet less. There was always one “thing” I needed to fix.

The problem with resolutions, and the problem with fixing a particular “thing” is that this act completely ignores the deeper issue of the heart. The reason I don’t eat well, and don’t run [at all], is that I am an undisciplined person. Yikes. It hurts to say that. So, what do I do about this ugly truth?

When the first of the year comes around and I think about the person I am not, I want to instantly and easily fix the areas (and there are hundreds of them) that make me cringe. And so, in the euphoria of the moment, I figure I can change 26 years of bad habits in a single strong-willed moment. I know how that books ends: my promises never work out.

Usually around the end of the first week I find myself neck-deep in self-loathing and guilt. I can never believe how weak-willed I am.

So, this year, no resolutions for me. Instead, I have an incremental goal in mind. I want to do “life” better. I don’t expect to do it perfectly, but I want to do it better than I did it last year.

I want to spend more intentional time with my family. I want to begin to find a way to exercise more. I want to continue the good habits of writing and reading (two wonderful journeys I began in Korea), and want to eat a bit better (maybe less soda and McDonalds…my teeth and heart could sure use a break…)

I won’t kick myself if, by March or May I am not perfect. My only objective is to move in the right direction. My life is not about instant success, rather it’s about steady improvement over the course of a lifetime.

Anyone else want to join me?

What things do you want to improve in this year?


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