The Year’s Top Posts

As I sit back and reflect on the past year, I have seen quite a few changes. My life started 2011 in Korea, and is ending in St. Louis. I was in love with one girl when 2011 started, but as 2012 comes around the corner, I find myself in love with two.

I wanted to take a moment, for those new to this blog, to share the top posts, or most popular, of the past year. 2011 was an amazing year for the Palmer’s, and I will always have fond memories of the events that filled her pages.

So, here you go. The top 11 posts from 2011:

Book Review: Ann Frank: Diary of a Young Girl

Super Bowl Sunday

I Would Like To Introduce You To…..

The World Is Watching

Our Next Step: Strippers and Saints

An Open Letter to Ann Coulter

Book Review: The Pearl by John Steinbeck

Why Men Shouldn’t Be Ordained

Lessons From My Little Girl: Selflessness and Cold Coffee

The Winds of Change are Coming

Peace to you, this New Years, and may 2012 filled with hope and happiness.


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