The Darkness and the Kingdom

We hear of Churches often teaching that the earth is filled with two types of Christians; those with enough faith, and those learning to have enough faith. Those with enough have a Benz…

…the rest don’t. And the harsh reality is that they are, more or less, choosing their situation because they don’t believe deeply enough.

By men with white teeth and a sprayed on tan, we’ve come to expect that the Kingdom is filled with gold, rubies, and mansions, which are ours for the “claimin.”

But those found wanting are asking the question, “what if we do believe?” Often times that has given way to another, more dark question; “what if we did believe?”

What do we do about the large demographic of people who would admit that their prayers are only just getting them by? They aren’t praying for more…they’re just praying for something anything to show they aren’t alone. What about those with a faith which has dipped into the red?

Those are the ones living a life of borrowed faith; siphoning from another because they themselves are too exhausted from a hellish war that continues to rage within them- a war of silence.

What about them? One could call them, “the least of these.” Another might say, “the ones who don’t belong.” Aren’t they really the ones who hold the keys to the Kingdom? The ones who don’t belong?

Where is their place? Dallas Willard has this to say:

Blessed are the spiritual  zeros- the spiritually bankrupt, deprived and deficient, the spiritual beggars, those without a wisp of ‘religion’- when the kingdom of the heavens comes upon them. (Divine Conspiracy)

There is a place among the saints for this lot of darkness dwellers. They are the ones who are changing the world. The ones following the Spirit into the darkness. They do this, not because it’s easy, and not because of external benefits, but because they know that a life spent avoiding the darkness results in a darker darkness still.

The darkness dwellers, and the spiritual zeros will tell you, though, that the journey through night, walked with our Savior, is anything but dark. For those in the midst of darkness, we can hold out hope that one day, when the kingdom of the heavens comes, we might still find out the truth.

The truth is this; no matter how dark the world has become, we are still called…



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