Korea: [The Good] and [The Bad]

Our life is for sale.

With our final departure from Korea sprinting towards us at an uncomfortable speed, E and I are making an effort to minimize the amount of “stuff” we will need to bring back with us. We’re actually very simple people. We didn’t buy a television, we don’t have a lot of clothing, but somehow we have a full apartment, and only 5 suitcases between the 3 of us (little “e” included) to fit our transient life inside.

5 suitcases sound like a lot of space. It’s surprisingly not even close to enough. No, not at all.

So as the Palmer clan packs their entire Korean life into a few small suitcases, I want to reflect on our time here in Korea. The good, and the…well…you know….


[The Good] I’m actually at a Tom n Tom’s now, clearing off an old computer we purchased before making the move here. We bought it from a good friend of mine for 50 bucks, and it’s nearly a decade old. It’s been good to me. The past two computers were purchased new. One had it it’s life cut short by it’s Labrador-like owner (yeah…that’s me) tripping on the cord, pulling it out, and breaking the port. The other computer saw it’s screen just go black…it’s desktop never to be seen again. But the 50 dollar computer? Pure gold. So what I’m a doing with it? Selling it of course.

[The Good] I’ve starting writing more in Korea. (On the above mentioned 50 dollar computer. Hey, if it’s good enough to type the 10 commandments on…) I started two blogs (the other I write with E here) published I had my first published article (Co-written with my brother-in-law, Josh.) while living in Korea, and then went on to publish 2 more for other magazines. Whether anything comes from my writing or not, it makes me happy, and I truly enjoy doing it. That is worth a great deal to someone who, since high school sports, was lacking a serious personal pursuit. (Or at least personal pursuits I can be proud of)

[The Bad] I tried to learn to shuffle.

Edward Scissor-hands has a more promising career as a massage therapist than I do as a party-rocker.

[The Good] I fell in love with teaching. I discovered the feeling of watching a child come into a classroom, and see them struggle at a difficult foreign language. I watched as they struggled through “hello”, and saw the slow, but very real progress of true learning, to now I can have a conversation with them (simple, yes…but still a conversation). Whether it was me or not (which it definitely wasn’t only me) is irrelavent. The fact is that I was able to participate in learning, and there aren’t many experiences that were more rewarding than this experience as a teacher.

[The Good Yet Very, Very Bad] Korea is the land of coffee shops. There’s:

(The aforementioned) Tom n Tom’s



::takes breath::….

Paris Baguette (with amazing cinnamon rolls)

A Twosome Place

Dunkin’ Donuts

…all within half a mile from our apartment. (This list is far from exhaustive. There’s another…no exaggeration…dozen mom-and-pop coffee shops within the half-mile radius) I had a deep love for coffee before moving to Korea. As I leave Korea, there are two things I’m fairly certain of: my name is Michael Ryan Palmer, and pretty sure I have a problem.

[The Very Good] The amazing job, filled with incredible people. The family, and all the friends made along the way.

[The Best]…the “plus 1” to the Palmer household this past August.

Korean life was [very, very good].


4 thoughts on “Korea: [The Good] and [The Bad]

  1. Great post. I miss the coffee shops! I still keep my Angel-In-Us and Coffee Bean loyalty cards in my wallet, I just can’t throw them away.

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