Of Paintings and Snapshots

I recently came across this short film, and it got me thinking about how often we move from “big moment” to “big moment” ignoring the small details because we expect that only the “grandiose” is worth the effort of our attention.

We could call these moments beautiful “paintings.”

They are the things that take great effort and energy, use color and vision, and in the end come out as beautiful and memorable. In our life, we might participate in a handful of true paintings. Maybe it’s a special family vacation, or a major work promotion. Possibly it’s the birth of our first child, or the graduation of our last. We all have works of art that we are fortunate enough to participate in.

This thought led me to think about how often, after finishing a painting, we look back on our lives and realize that the best parts of life weren’t in the finished work, rather, what we cherished most was the unexpected and insignificant snapshots which filled the moments before, during, and after the completion of our “work of art.”

So, this Christmas (a “work of art” in the making?), may we slow down and enjoy the small, daily snapshots that come to provide the grand “painting” with a greater context and deeper meaning for each of us.

Feel free to share. In your life, what snapshots have meant the most to you?

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