The Future of this Blog

For those who’ve been following this blog over the past year (or the entirety of the blogs life) you’ll probably notice something odd about the next few months; the blog will have some continuity, or have more focus. Which is interesting, because focus is difficult for me.

But focus is something I desire for my life, and for this blog. So, for the next few months, you’ll start to see an ever focusing theme to this blog that is directly related to my current life situation and ministry focus. This focus can be tied to two words these words both used independently and together. Those words being: Missional and Community. (I’ll explore these words a bit more in another post)

Is everything changing? Not really. You’ll still see many of the old parts of the blog. I’ll still be publishing my weekly Monday Morning Music, and you’ll still find thoughts on life, faith, and my family which will not be related to the two a fore mentioned words. I’ll still be doing an occasional book review, too. What you’ll be getting is not less, but more.

What’s Next?

To kick off these new changes, I’m working on two upcoming topical blog series.

The first series, which I hope to kick off in December or January, will allow the reader share in the thoughts and experiences of those who lived as an expat in a foreign country. We’ll have people from all educational backgrounds, and who’ve lived in all cultural situations. This will be the narrative of being an outsider, and how that experience has shaped the lives of those who lived within a very strange story. We have lined up a very qualified group of people who are extremely gifted in the art of writing, so you’ll not want to miss this.

The second is far less defined, and still in the formation stages. I cannot say too much, but what I can say excites me a great deal. This will be a running commentary on the mission of the church- not just overseas, but in our own neighborhoods, as well. This series will tie in to the previous series of life in a foreign country. I’m hoping to start this up in the early parts of next year. Though, I’ll keep you all posted on this topic as it becomes more focused (see, there’s that word again), and will let you know of an approximate release date.

What I need from you are two simple things:

1. Participation.

2. More participation.

Simple enough, right? What you’ll be reading will only be better if we can hear (or read) what your thoughts and opinions are. We hope to hear how our experiences speak to you, the reader. The whole point of this is to be participatory. So we’d love for you to come around and offer your heart. Knowing the lineup of people writing, I can promise you won’t be disappointed.

If you’re interested in participating in this conversation, there’s a couple of simple ways to ensure you are in on all the action:

1. You can subscribe. Subscribing to this blog means that each time a new post is published, you will have it sent directly to your email. Pretty simple.

2. You can use your preferred RSS feed to follow this blog. (Not sure what a RSS is? Click here. Personally, I’m a big fan of Google reader.)

I am thrilled at the direction this blog will be heading, and I truly hope to see you all around. This conversation will not be the same without you.


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