Ella’s First Book

Every new semester, the teachers at the academy where I work go to an English bookstore in order to pick new books for the coming semester. This one was a bit different. In the past, when E taught with me, she’d obviously be there. This time, though, she was noticeably absent.

So, in my homesickness (though…I don’t really think I need an excuse) I worked my way over to the children’s book section, and looked around until I found this book.

I was sold.

So I picked up the book, brought it home, and was going to read it to her before bed that night. Well, Ella had her own plans, and while we were eating dinner, she was having a rough go of it. So out came the book. It was one of those special moments that make me so happy to be a dad. As soon as I started to read, Ella calmed down, and was happy. (A good sign of things to come?)

While I read, E was taking some pictures. We apologize they are a bit blurry…we had turned the lights down to help Ella calm herself, and we were too afraid to turn them all back on for fear she’d be cranky again. Anyways, enjoy the pictures!

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Note: I know many of you are hoping for more pictures. E will be writing a new blog soon about the past month, and will include more pictures. She will be posting that on our other blog, here. Also, I’ll still keep the pictures coming on this blog, as well.


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