Book Review: The Hobbit by J.R.R Tolkien

Almost everyone is familiar with Tolkien’s “middle earth.” Whether they’ve read the stories, or seen the movies, they know about hobbits, wizards, trolls and elves. They know about rings and riddles, haunted forests and Mountains filled with doom.

The Hobbit is centered around an unlikely man- Bilbo Baggins. He’s a proper Hobbit, meaning he is not much for adventure, and he rarely strays the countryside he knows and loves. That is, until Gandolf and 12 Dwarves arrive at his home. This unassuming hobbit is then swept off into a grand adventure, most definitely bigger than anything he had imagined for himself. On this journey he is captured by trolls, robs from elves, and survives an angry dragon.

The most powerful aspect of this book is the fact that the hero is, well, not at all what heroes are normally like. He is short, weak and unsure of himself. He is bossed around easily, and ridiculed often. But over the course of this book, the reader sees a transformation take place. We see a hobbit grow and change. He transforms from a man unwilling to risk anything, to a man risking everything. He transforms from a man who follows, to a man who leads. The reader sees that, unlike what we assume is important- brute strength- brains and intellect will more often than not win in the end. By the end, those who ridiculed Bilbo were thanking him for saving their lives.

This book is filled with adventure, intrigue and excitement. Magic and excitement dripped from each word. Though I’d read this book once before, I felt as if I was reading this book for the first time. I was still surprised by the twists in the story, and still found myself reading “…just one more chapter…” so I could be sure Bilbo escaped his current plight. Truly, Tolkien has no equal when it comes to creating a new and exciting world, and then, with his words, inviting a reader to come participate in this story.

I highly recommend anyone and everyone to read this book. It is a masterpiece and well worth the time taken to read.

I easily rate it 10/10


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