Vacation Goals: Summer 2011

In eight days, Elizabeth and I will have our 2 week summer vacation- and, honestly, it can’t come fast enough.

In anticipation of those glorious 2 weeks, my mind is swimming with all the possibilities available to fill my new found freedom. So, because I am procrastinating a current work assignment, I will share my top ten list with all of you!


1. Go to the DMZ: When any foreigner hears the name “Korea,” it’s probable that the first thing that comes into their mind is the Demilitarized Zone which divides North Korea from South Korea along the 38th parallel. Elizabeth and I have been in Korea for about 15 months, and we haven’t made it up North to see the great divide. We mean to remedy this. Our first plan of our vacation will be to take the USO tour with 3 fellow Hawan teachers, and during our tour, we’ll be praying for the unification of these two countries.

2. Spend a few days in Seoul with my beautiful wife: Since coming to Korea, E and I have traveled into Seoul a handful of times, and we’ve seen a few sights throughout the city. We’ve enjoyed our time, but we have always said that we want to spend a longer time there together. We decided that since we can’t do any overseas travel, and since we wanted to do a multi-day trip in Seoul anyways, it would make sense to take part of the vacation and have an extended date together in Korea’s “big apple.” We’ve made hotel reservations, plan to see a few sights, eat some great food, and most importantly, enjoy our time together. This trip will be part date, part anniversary trip, and part “last hurrah,” being as we’ll be adding another to the “Palmer Clan” in two months.

Possible sights we’ll see: Seoul Tower, Coex mall (Coex has Mexican food! I think you have to be a foreigner in Korea to appreciate how incredible this is…), and cheonggyecheon stream.

3. Marathon the “Lord of the Rings” Trilogy: Extended Editions? Absolutely. Buckle up…we’re in for 12 straight hours of Hobbit-filled, orc-slaying, wizard-filled, Middle Earth brilliance. Enough said.

4. Read a couple books: I plan to finish the second part of Divine Conspiracy, and read Malcolm Gladwell’s best seller, Blink. I might add a 3rd onto this list if get through them quickly.

5. Devote some serious time to a few writing projects: I have one project that has been staring at me for the past month or so…I hope to get it finished during this vacation. Afterwards, time permitting, I plan on doing some research for 1 (maybe 2) new projects.

Note: I possibly plan on growing a Hemingway-esque man beard in hopes of improving said writing projects. It can’t hurt to hope, right? I mean, it worked for Ernest. 

6. Study up on Missional Communities: Not sure what MC’s are? Check out an overview here.

7. Have a “Dinner and a Movie” date: Not sure what’ll be out in theaters here, and so I suppose this one is contingent on the quality of movies out in a week or two. I do have my eye on Transformers 3…but we’ll see if that will qualify as a “date quality” movie. 🙂

8. Spend a day with Elizabeth at Coffee Namu (Coffee Tree on a hill): One thing E and I enjoy doing together is spending time in coffee shops. We play games, read, talk, and soak up the relaxed atmosphere. Coffee Namu is a particularly nice place for a couple reasons: First, they have the highest quality drip coffee (at least the highest quality that I’ve found) in this part of Korea. Second, they give free refills. Need I say more?

9. Do some hiking at the local Buddhist Temple: This one is, somewhat, piggy-backing on #8.  Coffee Namu is near a beautiful Buddhist Temple situated outside Cheonan, nuzzled up in a mountain range (well, a large-hill-range would be more accurate). They have interweaving paths, and incredible scenery. Partner 8 and 9 together, and you have the recipe for an amazing day.

10. Start exercising: This isn’t a “last but not least” situation…Excise is last on the list because, well, I am not excited about it. It is necessary, though. I’ve been playing basketball weekly, but I need to be doing more. I need to be working towards health, and my current lifestyle doesn’t make me the poster boy of discipline and health…thus, my goal is to run 3 times a week. I make no goals as to length…but, if I were honest, anything would be better than what I do now.


5 thoughts on “Vacation Goals: Summer 2011

  1. I’ll admit, when I first noticed you’d dedicated number 3 to rhys and I, i was hoping it meant that you’d spontaneously decided to spend your summer vacation in england. lol. We can but hope 🙂 a LOTR day sounds amazing though. I’d love to do that. I have a similar desire to watch all the harry potter films in a row and then watch the new one. Apparently there are some cinemas in america that are showing that! genius! xx

    • If you only knew how much we’d like to spend that time in England! Someday we’ll get there- I promise!

      I’ve done the LOTR marathon once before, and am super excited to do it again…I would recommend it for any Tolkien nerds. 🙂

  2. Sounds like a great vaca! If you spend a few days in Seoul, and you don’t want to go clear out to COEX for just Mexican, there is an On The Border more centrally located at the green # 2 line right off the Sinchon stop.

    And if you do Namsan Tower, do it at dusk or after. The night views are awesome, while during the day can be pretty hazy in the summer. AND you can get in you last element of exercise if you climb the mountain rather than take the cable car 😉

    • Thanks for the thoughts! We’ll be sure to keep them in mind during our trip.

      And I didn’t realize there was a second On the Border in Seoul- I did however know about a couple Taco Bell’s (which we might have to hit up once before the trip is over!) I think we’re going to try to keep Coex as a home base while there…I know that will mean a bit of travel to some other spots, but we’re hoping to keep the trip relaxing and simple…and being by coex would mean more things in a small area.

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