Helping the Passionate Define Their Passions- Strategic Salt

A good friend, and former college roommate of mine just launched into his dream; to help pastors and churches find their passion and vision, then to give them the resources to help them define, explain and execute those passions.

Josh, a gifted marketer and Quinn, a gifted designer state their desires here:

We don’t want to just help you print a new brochure or build a website. We want to challenge the way you invest your time and money in communicating with your supporters. We’ll work with you to develop a communication plan that allows you to customize your messaging and talk only to the audience you need to reach, causing you to save money and increase your effectiveness.

In a ministry class at MNU, I was told something that has always stuck with me. My professor once told my class to “think of your calling as where your passion and the world’s needs collide.” Josh and Quinn are pursuing their calling to help the church define their own calling. In a world filled with misunderstandings, and missed opportunities, the church has begun to loose a generation.

As a pastor, or as a church, if you are trying to find your voice in order to tell your story to the world, but you don’t know how to go about it, give they a call or shoot them an email.

And, if all that wasn’t enough, they are generous to boot.

Check out all the info at


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