Monday Morning Music: Mid-week Edition

Good morning!

So, I thought of waiting to publish this as a M3 post- but I got too excited and decided to go ahead and do a special mid-week edition of Monday Morning Music. I hope you don’t mind. We’ll call it a final push towards the weekend.

Last week, Elizabeth and I had an adventurous night. We have realized that during particular songs, or styles of music, our little girl dances inside E’s belly. So, we decided to have a little fun and see which songs our baby girl “likes.” One night, we randomly selected many difference styles of music, and played the back, to back, to back hoping to hear her favorite styles. During some songs, “little girl” was motionless, and during others she kicked and danced. There was one singer, though, that no matter when she was played, “baby girl” would immediately begin to move and flip to the sound of the music. That artist was the legend Ella Fitzgerald.

And so, I dedicate this song and this M3 (Mid-week edition) to my little girl.

I love you.


One thought on “Monday Morning Music: Mid-week Edition

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