Monday Morning Music: Rhythms of Grace by Hillsong United

Happy Monday Morning to you all!

As I write this, Elizabeth and I are packing for a trip to Jeju Do (an Island off the Southern coast of South Korea). We’re thrilled that we get to do some traveling, and even more thrilled that our Hakwan is picking up part of the tab. When we get back, we’ll post some pictures for you.

But  on to the music.

Today I have chosen “Rhythms of Grace” from the recently released Hillsong United album, Aftermath. Continuing in their edgy indy-rock feel, Hillsong has delievered another worship album that can be played often without ear-boredom setting in. I’m someone who easily tires of the trite Christian music/lyrics that are heard on Christian radio… and with that said, if you haven’t picked up the album, you need to… it’s worth it.

peace to you on this (hopefully) sunny Monday morning.


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