Book Review: The Road by Cormac McCarthy

In a world where the memory of a cataclysmic event covers the sun with dust, and warm memories with sadness, a young boy and his father are walking down a road. Humanity, or the ones who have survived, have been scattered. There is no longer a dependable food source, and water is often times polluted with the dust that permanently hangs in the air. The father, and his son, are moving towards the ocean. They are unsure of what they’ll find when they arrive, but they know that life isn’t possible where they currently exist, and so they keep pressing on.

In The Road, you are immediately pulled into this unforgiving world. You realize the dangers that are present at every moment . You witness the best of humanity, and likewise, you see the darkness of which humanity is capable. In The Road, life is dark, there is no way around it, but in the darkness you find something that can only be experienced, or proven, when hope has all but vanished- you find “the fire.” You find love, and you find the bond that can only formed between a father and his boy. Ultimately, you find the goodness of humanity in a world that has all but snuffed those fragile embers out.

The Road is a journey from the first page until the last. It takes the reader, not only on a journey through an imaginary world, but also journey into his own heart. McCarthy inevitably has the reader asking themselves the question, “Do I carry the fire?”

Check out The Road if you have a chance. It’s absolutely worth the time to read.


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