Faith Like A Child

At our English academy, I put together a weekly “reader.” It’s a chance for the highest level students to write journals and see rewards for their work. This past week included a journal from “David.” (His English name)…He wrote about God, and I know no theologian who could speak of God so simply and beautifully. Enjoy.

What is the most important thing to me?

The most important thing to me is God because, I love God,

God loves me, and He wants that I love God and not to make sins.

God made me and loves me very much.

And I love God, too.

God is always protecting me.

And God answers my prayers always.

I am so happy when I pray.

I am praying every time when I think of God.

My mom said, praying is talking to God.

And God forgives our sins when we pray.

God is most important in everything.

If God were not protecting us, then we couldn’t live even one second.

God is my Everything.

And I want to tell those who do not know about God.

I love God very much.

And also I love my family that God gave me.


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