Lenten Sunrises

The Lenten season is upon us, and with its arrival you most likely have heard the departure of many enjoyable activities given up by family or friends. Maybe it’s a facebook free lent, or 40 days without Coke.

Part of my Lenten fast is to gain back a healthy routine. Working afternoons and evenings can create an unhealthy, and inconsistent sleep pattern; a pattern I hope to change. When sleep is inconsistent, I find that I am inconsistent in all other areas of life.

I become out of rhythm. I become out of sync with Christ.

This happens often to me, and I assume to many others as well.
Lent is the time of the year where we recover our rhythm. We recover the soft and melodic beats of Grace and the Spirit. Somewhere between Easter and Ash Wednesday, we all can start to dance to a different beat. It becomes so easy to lose time.

But like a metronome we have this season. Lent allows us to hear the clicking, and it helps us to find our way back to the heart of Christ.

Part of this rediscovery during lent has me getting up earlier, and as a result, this morning I watched the sunrise as I sipped my morning coffee. As I watched the orange, red and yellows first creep, then explode over the distant mountains I found myself wondering how I could miss this at sunset. The truth is that I miss it because I am too busy. I miss it because my life becomes about accomplishing goals or expectations. My life has begun to dance to a different, and not so holy beat.

I miss the sunset because I don’t stop to look. I can’t stop because I don’t have the time, nor discipline to do so.

So this morning, as I watched the sunrise I couldn’t help but think that this is God’s gift for those who look. God’s rhythm and God’s plan will always include beauty, and will always provide sunrises and sunsets. Lent is helping me rediscover the beauty of a sunrise and, as a result, the beauty of God.

Now it’s your turn. What is lent helping you rediscover?


8 thoughts on “Lenten Sunrises

  1. Beautiful Michael! Your words have challanged me to consider what Lent is teaching me and/or helping me to rediscover. Love you! Mom

  2. Great stuff man, always enjoy your words. I think what really struck me during our Ash Wednesday is the beauty of being connected to the global church and the millions of believers who are on this journey with us. Think of you guys often and hope you’re doing well!

  3. i was going to give up coffee for lent but then i read it has more antioxidants than blueberries. and i only drink 1-2 cups a day. so i’m going with the old standby: beer. no problem waking up at the crack o dawn. bb gabe is up early everyday and we wish he had a snooze button.

  4. This is wonderful! As I pray for the world you gave me so much the thank God for, now I thank him for you. Thanks for opening my eyes.

    Penni Freeborn
    (a friend of your family from Overland)

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