Monday Morning Music: Make You Feel My Love by Allred

Hold on to your socks, I’m instituting a weekly article- Monday Morning Music.  Music is an important part of my life, and because of this, I want to share love with you. I am definitely not the first with this idea. I have read blogs where the more obscure and strange the music, the more “hip” the blogger was.  Its doubtful anything I post will be strange, and though a couple things might be obscure, I will never be “hip.” My receding hair line prevents this.

And so, I most likely wont wow you with my incredible music listening skills, and you probably will have heard of most of the artists or bands long before I post them. I wanted to do these posts because I just know how Monday mornings Mondays can be, and hopefully, if you’re like me, a great song can make the start of the new week a little more bearable.

Now, I recognize this is Monday evening (or Tuesday morning for me…but hey, who’s counting??), and so starting next week, you’ll get the post in the morning…on the right day…

Monday February, 28th 2011’s song: Make You Feel My Love by Allred
Today’s choice is dedicated to my boo- Elizabeth. The song is a cover of the original Bob Dylan song…but since I don’t care much for Mr. Dylan (I know, I know…drag me out to the street and stone me) I prefer this version by the band, Allred.

So, sit back, pour yourself some coffee or tea, and enjoy.


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