Book Review: Mother Teresa- Come Be My Light

Recently I completed the biography of the world renowned peacemaker, Mother Teresa. I didn’t think it possible, but after finishing the book, I have a deeper level of respect for the woman who spent a life without the luxuries available to her. Mother Teresa willingly gave up all in passionate pursuit of the dirty and the hopeless- the rejected in society. She lovingly touched leapers and tenderly held the hand of the dying who had no family in the final, dark moments of this cruel life.

The passion she exhibited came from somewhere deep within her. She made available the love of her Savior; a savior who stayed silent in quiet, and intimate moments in the life of Mother Teresa.

Early in her life she felt a deep passion and love for Christ. He wooed her and won her heart. He placed a special calling on her life, a calling that led her to the streets of Calcutta, India. She willingly, and joyfully followed her Savior there, but it was in Calcutta that He became silent. For the next, and final 40 years of her spiritual life she only felt the movements of the Spirit only one time. This book is filled with the letters written by her, and tells the story only a handful of people in the world had known: Mother Teresa was the saint of darkness.

I highly recommend this book. While it has many letters, it reads one part novel, one part memoir and one part theological reflection. (Though, mostly memoir…and is very easy to read) If you want to know what “Love embodied” looks like, read about Mother Teresa. She was the best of the Christian faith, and is an example (or light) for all who follow Christ to follow. She was one truly worthy of the title of “Christ follower.”


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