Super Bowl Sunday

Today is a day filled with nerves and excitement.  Since I knew what a football was, I have been loyal to the “green and gold.” (Thanks, Dad!)  I watched the 1996 Superbowl when the Pack beat the Patriots, and remember the sweet taste only second-hand victory can bring.

There is nothing like feeling like you won a game that you had no control over.

I have since followed the packers and rooted for them through thick and thin- cowbows and patriots, broncos and vikings- I even went against the city I love (St. Louis) and donned my “#4” green and gold jersey when they met the Rams in the 2001 divisional playoff game.

…this 45-10 thrashing all happened with me as the sole Packers fan at a varsity boys basketball super bowl party (IN ST. LOUIS!). The score didn’t begin show the abuse I suffered…

I watched heartbroken as Favre retired,

un-retired with the jets…

retired again,

and then un-retired with the Vikings.

Indecisive much?

But under the helm of the future of the franchise, Aaron Rogers, I feel good about today.

Today it feels a bit like it used to. I feel giddy inside with the possibility of seeing my team on top, once more. Holding the trophy named after the man from Green Bay.

I will try to sleep, but tonight sleep will be hard to come by.  Children have Christmas, but adults…we have Superbowls and world series’.

And as for this adult, I hope Santa will be good to me.


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