Simply Christmas

Christmas just didn’t really feel like Christmas.  Hard as I tried, the Korean Pop carols and Pandora Christmas stations just didn’t get me there.

This week felt like every other week.

It’s possible that being away from family was difficult, and maybe it was the fact that 3 days ago we had nearly 50 degree weather.  Something just wasn’t right.

Last night we celebrated  Christmas Eve  with our church. We drank tea, ate cookies, shared stories and lit tea lights. We sang Christmas standards circled around a half-way well built manger (build by myself and my brother-in-law, Josh). Towards the end of the service, we wrote prayers on index cards and, after dumping the hot wax on the cards, we placed the candles on the newly poured wax. Then during the final song, we brought our prayers-  our simple lights- to the One light that started and finished it all 2000 years ago.

That was a special moment.

We spent the rest of the night in the company of friends and family,  and didn’t arrive home until nearly 3.
E and I awoke, and spent the morning opening gifts from each other, and from family. It was simple, and it was beautiful.

We spent the rest of the day at Josh, Sarah and Emma’s place.  A good friend, Rhys (pronounced, “Reece”) spent the day with us.  It was truly a Christmas to remember. We shared gifts, ate, drank coffee, ate, laughed, played games, ate, drank coffee, and finally, rested.  It was a good day.

And in the midst of it all, it began to snow.

Just a little at first, but soon the flakes became larger and larger.

With every falling flake we felt a little more at home. Songs like, “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” and “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas,” somehow felt like they hit harder than before. We wanted to be home for Christmas, and we hoped for something to bring that home to us.

It happened today. We had family, and we had friends. We had good food and we have laughter. Sure, we didn’t have so many others, but it was still special and very meaningful.

On our way home tonight, while walking with E, I was just listening to the crunching of my shoes on the newly fallen snow, and enjoying the magical hush that only a snowy Christmas night can bring.

I knew that we had been a part of something special today. It was simple and it was special. It was everything that you hope  Christmas to be.

It was, in the truest sense, simply Christmas.

Blessings and peace to each of you as you enjoy and celebrate Christ’s birth.

M & E


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