Hope and Christmas

I have been given the privilege of co-preaching (with 2 others…so co-co-preaching?) this coming Sunday. The service will be focused on the coming of light into the world on that first Christmas day. I figured I would share a few of the thoughts I prepared for my part of the sermon.

How often do we feel this sort of hopelessness in our lives? We know something is wrong, but nothing seems to come from our prayers. Our search for answers give us only more questions. God seems to be distant, and he seems to not care. Maybe you have not heard from him in a long time, or maybe you don’t like the things he says to you. For so many of us, God’s voice has become a distant memory, and like a friend you once knew years and years ago, you aren’t sure you’d even know God’s voice if you heard it today.

The reason hopelessness is so dark is because it works its way into the deepest parts of us and makes us believe that nothing will change. It convinces us that our problem is too big for God or that He doesn’t care. Hopelessness pulls you away from God and from others and instead drives you deeper into yourself. It separates you from the community that God has given to us. Hopelessness is a suffocating darkness.

In John 9, Jesus said that, “…I am the light of the world.” Through this statement, Jesus is saying that all of the hopelessness that you and I will find in this world, all the unjust darkness that you can’t control, and the conflict that you can’t seem to avoid finds it’s end, it’s ultimate destruction, in Him. He is saying that darkness isn’t just a dual force, equal in strength and power to Christ, but instead, darkness is only the absence of light. Darkness is completely broken and defeated by light. Christ is telling us that our hopelessness can and will find its end in Him.

For those interested in hearing the rest, I will post the complete sermon this coming Sunday or Monday.

May God bless and keep you as you enjoy this Christmas week.



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